Thursday, September 8, 2016

VShare, an alternative to Installous - vshare alternative

These last days are constant questions Installous alternatives. A few days ago we published the first two alternatives that sounded stronger, Zeusmos and Kuaiyong .
vshare vs alternative

vshare alternative

Now and then it is not at all clear that these are the definitive Installous alternatives, it sounds VShare. What will happen to this topic is something like when Megaupload was closed, the other services of the same type were slowly closing until the conditions of services for which they were legal were changed.

vshare alternative

The possibility of VShare is not new, it has existed for some time, and in this case it is necessary to have done the Jailbreak to our device.

VShare allow us to download applications for free, but much eye .. these applications not downloaded from the App Store, so they are not validated by Apple, we're downloading applications from a server unrelated to Apple that can be manipulated in some thus, and this can put your device at risk.

When we have made ​​a Jailbreak to our device, sure to tell us that is not to be left out of the standards set by the manufacturer, so we can have problems with our devices.

Common sense with any modifications outside rules of our devices, we can be opening a apuerta input virus or malware of all kinds and for us to be hurting.

VShare we can download from Cydia, and a repository among others where you can download , which we will add in the "Sources" section of Cydia.

When we have added the repository, vShare installation is as simple as search and install Cydia.
For more information about vShare, you can access your web  vShare app store.